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Ode to Peeler Man

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When I was asked to write this article months ago, before Joe’s death, I had planned to research and tell you all the fascinating story of his life.  Unpeel him, so to speak.  But given that there have been plenty of articles on that already, I’ll just tell you about him as he pertains to me.

“Peeler Man” Joe Ades was an extraordinary man.  By day, he’d sell vegetable peelers that were made in Switzerland (they were not made in China; they’re made of stainless steel so they’ll never rust). Sitting in Union Square, my favorite lunchtime hangout, on his small stool, he’d dutifully recite his pitch again and again while peeling carrots and calling them tomatoes.  At night he’d go to NY’s fanciest restaurants and lounges, before retiring to his Park Ave home.

I’d always be very excited to see him, because I could sneak up behind him and attempt to disrupt his show.  My goal was always to catch him off guard and get him to laugh or flub a line in his charming British pitch, that was more infomercial and less street vendor.

At one point in the show, he would tell the crowd “they’re five dollars each, and if you buy 4 for 20, you get the fifth one free!  Why would you need five peelers you might ask?”

At this point I’d jump out of hiding and answer “Because you’ve got four friends!”

This was Joe’s next line, and I’d deliberately steal it from him over and over again.  I know he knew who I was but he rarely broke from his pitch, only occasionally giving in and granting me a smile.

I do miss the Peeler Man. I hope to find his daughter who, according to the New York Press, is carrying on his peeler-peddling legacy, so I can mess with her as well.

peeler man!

By Richard Adrian Trautmann, guest columnist


I wasn’t too worried…

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…about the swine influenza, until I saw this alarming sight after enjoying a most delicious lunch in Madison Square Park:


This morning, I almost broke my neck turning around to gape at a guy wearing an unnecessary face mask. It’s not that I’m afraid I’ll die of this thing–only weaklings die of the flu and if I’m one of those, then I’ll happily sacrifice my life in the interest of evolution. Furthermore, adding the word “swine” to a virus name is ummm, not very intimidating. What IS scary is this combination of factors:

1. Number of crazy/stupid people in NYC

2. Psychological effect an epidemic/pandemic can have on people

3. I don’t have a car or running endurance

Although the tattooed-pink onesie-plushy dude is probably harmless, we’re only in the early stages of this thing and there’s no knowing what’s to come. Let’s hope everyone keeps their wits about them because dying at the hands of a crazed hypochondriac would be much worse than death by pig.

PHOTO CREDIT: Infinity thanks to Richard Adrian Trautmann, photographer extraordinaire who risked his life running backwards to get this shot that could save millions. yes, millions!


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In the midst of being high on life, I stumbled on this awesomeness. I love everything right now and the future can do me no wrong. And this picture is perfect.