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They're not pets, Susan

As a quasi-vegetarian, I try to minimize the number of animals that have to die for the cause of flavor explosion in my mouth. At times, I intentionally break the rules for a cubano sandwich in Miami and other times, a communication breakdown in Chinatown results in a deliciously meaty Vietnamese sandwich in my belly. Whatever the case, I rarely feel remorse for these lapses because the only thing I’m fanatical about is not being fanatical. That means that in the grand scheme of things, a small piece of flesh isn’t worth the mind agony if I’m making a fairly concerted effort most of the time. I’m talking about being unemployed and paying oodles extra for eggs with labels that describe their parents’ living conditions as “Sunlit barns & porches.” What I do regret is a horrible thing I did to a German bumblebee in 2007. Finding the little guy in my basement, I was too scared to deport him safely and too grossed out to smash him. So what solution did my twisted mind come up with? Cover him with an inverted drinking glass and keep him prisoner a la Hannibal Lecter until his untimely death a week later…. the horror! Seeing two huge-fuzzy-bees around this weekend brought back the guilt from my cruel act. This scene by amazing street installation artist Slinkachu portrays a bit more humane way to kill the little guy. Now that I’ve confessed my sins, I’ll figure out some way to make it up to the bumblebee community — perhaps by planting some juicy flowers.


Whiskey Oscar Whiskey!

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That’s how I feel about my new internship: wow. I’ve been doing it for about a month since I got laid off and it’s turned out to be quite fantastic. Having worked with government folk then with commercial real estate geeks, this art internship preparing an installation for Deitch Projects is a huge departure from my usual desk jobs. Before, I got not-so-randomly drug tested, now I’m building crystal meth labs (faux, faux ones). Before, people spelled stuff in the weird-sounding phonetic alphabet, now I hear LAX as Love-Apple-Exit (who cares that exit doesn’t start with an X, you get the idea). Before, I heard grumbles about me wearing “graphic tees” to work, now I’m watching a dude airbrush porn onto T-shirts for impending sale in the art show. I’m so grateful that I’ve experienced these work environment extremes, their contrast makes everything that much sweeter. Although I’ve worked many weekends in my day, I never knew what it felt like to get a call about coming in on a Saturday and actually look forward to it. I know many of my old co-workers will also be in their trenches tomorrow, but I’ll enjoy working on that collage and getting X-Acto knife blisters instead of papercuts and computer-screen-squinties. Thanks, Black Acid Co-Op

had to censor the raciness!

пятилетка Fail.

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I thought I had a 5-year plan, but I’m finding out that I can’t even be sure of the next few months. An amazingly awesome movie called Bottlerocket gave me the idea to devise such a 5 year plan.  Unfortunately, a litany of unexpected events like losing my job, finding out there’s no PhD program in Portland, blah blah blah… made me scrap the whole thing. I now realize that the only planning I can do is a vague list of pencil-scribbled things: fight sloth, broaden literary knowledge, cultivate relationships and so on. Just as 5-year plans didn’t work out for the commies or Bottlerocket’s Dignan, they won’t work for me. For now, I’ll be content with planning my next meal — vietnamese sandwich in Chinatown. 

Sharpen timing


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Cat wings
Walking around New York on a sunny day is sometimes sensory overload for me. Too much awesome stuff around and interesting-looking people and neat sounds… it’s enough to make me trip every 10 feet. Not having ever done crazy drugs, I imagine this is kinda what they might feel like. During a central park concert last summer, a random guy standing next to me asked if I was on ecstasy; I was shocked into speechlessness. Of the many sounds & sights around, this sublime scene was what gave me my kicks recently. A cat and angel wings basking in the sun together.