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Cure for the 80s Blues

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2009 by Cristina

So I missed the 80s as far as American pop culture goes… growing up in Romania watching two B & W censored TV stations, Bruce Lee movies in the theater, using outhouses, etc. seemed normal at the time. It wasn’t until I fully learned English that I realized I’d missed out on things called Thundercats, Mr. T, Labyrinth, and The Cure. Well, in a feeble attempt to catch up to this stuff, I watched Labyrinth which was one of the lamest movies ever save for the comical zoom-ins on David Bowie’s package. After a few tries at embracing these iconic 80s treasures, I’d just about given up and resigned to thinking the entire decade was full of shallow, cracked out, American Psycho-esque people who produced little of value. I’ve changed my mind in a big way. As I packed up my room today in preparation for a cross-country move, I listened to hours of The Cure that I’d just illegally gotten from my roommate. I only played the first Cure song to test the waters of her music collection… and I immediately got hooked! Played nothing else but that for the rest of the day and it continues! Now, with 8.5 hours of their music in my collection, I’ll be basking in their amazing sound while acquainting myself with this decade that has redeemed itself a bit in my eyes.
I’ve learned that I had been taking 80s recommendations from the wrong people, those my age. At 28, how could I possibly like something that a runny-nosed kid thought was awesome? No, the way to go is to explore the things teenagers of the time were into… my roomie is a bit nonchalant about her front-row-rock-out to The Cure at one of their first NYC shows, but I cherish her experiences as my ticket to 80s appreciation! still Rocking out


Canadia>Outer Banks?

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I was just talking to a new Canadian friend about my decision to plan Family Vacation ’09 in Toronto. Well, the main reason for the selection is that I wanted to go someplace that was the polar opposite of the Outer Banks, NC where we spent 10 grueling days last summer. Don’t get me wrong, the beaches were gorgeous and there were more hammocks than I can shake a stick at. BUT the mosquito infestation, lack of formal entertainment, kitchy souvenir shops and level of hick-ness were too much to handle for that long (not to mention close quarters with my parents). To illustrate the back-country hick aspect, I’ve included this picture… you can’t make out the addendum sign under “Private Property No Trespassing” but I unfortunately could and it says, “This means YOU, ASSHOLE!” oh.boy. For some reason, these people think that there might be a chance that someone would want to go near their dilapidated house and perhaps sit on the warped, peed-on couch on the porch while risking being crushed to death by the teetering overhang, yeah.

gosh darn!

So the Toronto choice should seem obvious now because these kinds of shenanigans are the last thing I expect out of the uber-polite Canadians. I’ll leave you with another disgusting photo of an Outer Banks dwelling I biked past; let’s just say that if I see any of this in Canada, I will lose all faith in humanity and move off the grid…few places left off the grid so maybe northern Canada 🙂


Q & no A

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Questions I was asked at work today:
– Does meth originate in China?
– How many boxes of Sudafed does it take to make meth?
– How much does a hit of meth cost over here?

AAAAH!! I can’t believe that my inability to answer questions like these makes me feel like I’m bad at my job; I never thought I’d find myself in this kind of predicament. After working for months putting together the Black Acid Co-Op installation at Deitch Projects, I finally worked my first day sitting in the exhibit while visitors walked around googly-eyed and shocked or stone-faced and aloof.  People wouldn’t normally ask the Louvre attendants what the Mona Lisa was smiling about or how long it takes oil paint to dry. But the people drawn to this kind of installation are a different breed–they’re usually so loaded or so poor that they can only afford black clothes and DIY-haircuts. That makes them appreciate things like burnt trailers as art and also prompts them to unabashedly ask me about the intricacies of meth production. I’ll be ready with the answers next time: officially developed in Japan, depends on the size of the batch, $25 but varies with supply/demand. Mom would be proud.

My apologies

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bucolic NYC

I’m sorry for burning your retinas with that gruesome rodent picture. I fix, I fix! Such a disgusting dissection image can only be remedied with the beautiful taxidermy one above. My favorite storefront display is this SoHo one on Prince and Mulberry. Feast your eyes on this and forget all about the rat:


Mothballs vs. rats

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A new friend and soon-to-be roadtrip companion recently told me that his crazy landlady was trying to ward off giant neighborhood rats by strewing mothballs all over the front yard while also warning him to not let any into the house. Well-intentioned as she may be, the technique is probably more effective in evicting human tenants than killing rats. Unfortunately, the good people of Wikipedia recommend sulfur powder which would be an even more offensive smell….let’s hope she’s not internet savvy. This unfortunate situation made me laugh and when I saw this window display in an East Village pest control store, I gasped then laughed all over again:


My roommate, who used to make a living designing store displays, was thoroughly shocked by this very literal approach to pest problems. By placing a skinned rat, termites and bugs in the window, these people prove that they mean business. So Mike, if the mothballs and sulfur don’t work, tell your landlady to stop by my local pest control place.

100% Not Different

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A mysterious new drink called Vio launched an aggressive marketing campaign in NYC last week, sending out bubbly people to all corners of the boroughs to hand out free bottles of their equally bubbly beverage. This so-called “Vibrancy Drink” is mysteriously “Flavored with other natural flavors.” Not sure what that means, exactly, but I do know that milk and carbonated water are an unorthodox combination. The side panel of the bottle also claims that it’s “100% different,” yet after the first sip, my friend and I immediately concurred that it tasted 100% like a Jolly Rancher. Vio’s efforts are commendable, but I doubt that the Tompkins Square Park bums and free-music-mooching hipsters from the Siren Festival [the two locations where I was given samples] are going to be lining up to actually pay for this drink. While it’s false advertising, this poster summing up the drink’s flavor is really cool and could serve as a pictorial definition of the word happiness:


Feed the Hipsters

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My first outing to Coney Island for the Siren Music Festival was entertaining on so many levels. The free live music was fantastic, I sat on the beach with a friend and reminisced about Barcelona, we rode the world’s most rickety-fun roller coaster and got bruised, and gawked at hipsters for hours. I try my best to not categorize people, but if you have a waxed handlebar mustache, are holding a 5 pound camera while sagging skinny jeans with neon accessories, there’s a good chance that hipster is the appropriate term for you [yes, you were my first sighting of a pot-bellied hipster, thanks for making me smile]. Some people use the term disparagingly, but I just chalk up the phenomenon to the natural order of things… humans are creative and curious creatures, so it makes sense that they would experiment with being beatniks, hippies, preppies, jocks, etc. My favorite hipster at the show was hands-down this guy:

sigh, Leo!

His unique shirt featured front and back sepia photographs of a very serious Mr. di Caprio, a collector’s item to be sure. Everything about this guy was endearing, from his eco-friendly tote to the way he clasped his gold medallion necklace during moving songs! Since hipsters are stereotypically skinny, I decided to give my leftover sweet potato fries to one of them in hopes of combatting this image. One thing I learn over and over (and constantly forget) is that people often surprise you, so I wouldn’t be too taken aback if Leo fan turned out to be a long-jump champion or a hot-dog contest winner. Whatever the case, I’m glad he got out in the sunshine, allowing me to rock out next to him for a few hours.