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Math beauty

Posted in Uncategorized on October 29, 2010 by Cristina

I’ve always loved math and was first introduced to its visual beauty when I saw the cover of my high school calculus book… an umbilic torus sculpture:


Last week I showed  an image of a Möbius strip to illustrate a literary technique of a circular timeline that leaves your head spinning. It was the same author that I wrote about last year when I was describing the mindfuck that some of my classes produce. I’m not smart enough to conceptualize a lot of this theoretical geometry stuff, but I do love me a pretty image. Between fractals and φ and polychorons, the beauty of numbers is almost unbearable.

Now, my friends, brace yourselves for the most sublime representation of math. If this video doesn’t make you think that nature is the best geometry teacher, well… well nothing… it just will.
Math, nature, infinitely beautiful.


Chestnut FAIL (part deux)

Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2010 by Cristina

Last year around this time I warned that I’d collect the chestnuts on the ground and kill ’em and eat ’em, as punishment for attacking my head. They’re again gracing so many of my neighborhood sidewalks, that I finally decided to collect a few. The fall splendor of this week made me nostalgic for the cold days in Lisbon when I’d buy castanhas from street vendors to munch on as I walked back from school. I never wore gloves, so wrapping my hands around the newspaper cone, I’d arrive home with warm fingers, sooty black from the ink and nails dirty from shelling and shelling and shelling. 

Unfortunately, I failed in an attempt to reenact this today with the bounty from a neighbor’s yard. I roasted them in my oven, ate a bit, then ummm… spent an hour trying to get the disgusting taste out of my mouth. They were horrifically acrid and bleaghhh. I’ll add this to the list of things that I need to leave to the professionals.


Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2010 by Cristina

Despite the fact that school and work went back to full swing last week, I decided that I needed to spend 398 minutes watching the Cremaster Cycle in its entirety. That’s right, I happily sat through 23,880 seconds of nearly dialogue-free film that I’d been yearning to see for the last few years — melikey. If you know what I’m talking about, you’re probably into it. If not, let me help you decide whether you should ever try to embark on such a mission. Answer with TOTALLY, UHHH…, or FUCK NO to the following questions.
1. Are you curious about why a man would dedicate five films to this muscle?

2. Do you have an attention span of a non-ADHD person?
3. Are you able to enjoy things you don’t even remotely understand? 
4. Can you handle seeing inordinate amounts of vaseline goo being thrown around and oozing everywhere?
5. Without throwing up, could you watch a man’s colon prolapse, expelling his bashed in teeth?
6. Can you put up with soundtracks that feature lengthy Zeppelin humming, bee buzzing, motorbike rumbling and Hungarian opera singing?
7. Do you find this beautiful?
8. Would you remain in the theater after watching a woman with prosthetic legs cut a pile of potatoes into small wedges with the knives built into her shoes?
9. Does this movie synopsis make you want see a screen version of it? “In the final sequence at the pier the Hacks are parked on discrete ramps sloping down from the building’s exterior. In the closing image the camera peers through an open crotch at the top of the frame toward the end of the pier. A tightly retracted scrotum is pierced with clasps connected to vinyl cords, which trail off to the awaiting Ascending and Descending Hacks, who will drive toward the island to pick up the slack. Full descension is guaranteed.” 
10. Do you consider yourself a bit straaaaange? 
OK, tally up your answers of TOTALLY (3 pts), UHHH… (2 pts), or FUCK NO (1 pt) to see how appropriate a Cremaster marathon might be for you.
10-16 — Wholly inappropriate! Sorry if I tried to drag you to see this with me. If you’re friends with me, thank you for your patience and tolerance. 
17-23 — Meh. The 5 minutes you spent reading this will probably suffice, get back to work/drooling.
24-30 — Right on, you’re a freak! Use thy interwebbs skills to find out where you can watch this ASAP. For now, here’s a teaser, enjoy!