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Take 2

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2011 by Cristina

Photographer Irina Werning recreates childhood photos in her ongoing project called Back to the Future. She admits that she’s “a bit obsessive” and that’s probably what makes these images so amazing:

La Negra in 1980 and 2010, Buenos Aires
It’s fantastic to see that same little human looking recognizable but oh, so different, 30 years later. I especially love the photos where Ms. Werning gathers the whole gang and has them redo everything to the T.

Flor, Male, Sil in 1983 and 2010, Buenos Aires

My childhood photos aren’t easy to recreate since I’m either posing with wooly sheep or wearing 10 layers of wooly things not sold anywhere in the USA. The following ridiculousness can either be attributed to a lack of indoor heating or my mother’s antsy nerves & knitting. I promise you that Romania isn’t as arctic as my getup may suggest:

Cristina in 1983 and 2011, Bîrlad

Speechless. This was so much fun that I’m going to have to talk my sister into recreating our horrific sweater ensemble as a gift for dad’s upcoming birthday. This project officially concludes my week of copying ideas, but a persistent lack of originality will likely lead to more tomfoolery.


Pretty tasty things

Posted in Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 by Cristina

Today’s copycat activity is thanks to Megan Fizell who prepares recipes based on works of art (either thematically or in color scheme) and explains them in her great Feasting on Art blog. For example, this Japanese woodblock print inspired a Wakame Seaweed Salad:

I thought it’d be funny to make up a recipe for Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Children, but cannibalism isn’t very funny to most people. Boo.

So I decided to go with something just as intriguing but less gory that I saw at MoMa this month: Francis AlÿsParadox of Praxis I (Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing) in which the artist pushes a block of ice down the streets of Mexico City until it melts completely. The 6-7 hour venture is summarized in this video:

I liked it very much because it made me feel some things I’d never felt before. But since I’m extrapolating these images to food, here’s what I made:

Frozen raspberries with hot white chocolate. I picked the fruit on a farm yesterday, albeit in a manner closer to stuff white people like than migrant worker activity. It was delicious. Probably more delicious than child shoulder carpaccio. Probably.

Four-letter doodles

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 by Cristina

A Mark Smith in Chicago eavesdrops on strangers’ conversations then illustrates one golden drop a day in You Look Like the Right Type. Sometimes, they’re simple like this:

Other times, he invents images to flesh out these context-less phrases:

I really like the idea of illustrating one-liners, even when I know the back story. I chose two gems from my small collection of phrases from random conversations and tried to give the words more life. As per usual, they’re left-handed doodles so that I can blame their lameness on wrong-handedness and not incompetence.
First, a true story that will likely repeat:

True story.
Second, strange deliberations that lead to nothing but more strangeness:

It was only after drawing these that I noticed the repeated profanity. If I wasn’t surrounded by foul-mouthed friends, these illustrations might be less offensive… and life would be a bore. I’d just give up and start drawing right-handed and get a 9-5 job. That would not be the shit.

Unfun flyers

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2011 by Cristina

This isn’t the project I thought I’d be working on today, but my oversized and underactive cat is missing. A guy I heard about a couple of years ago who goes by Cardon Copy, is appalled by neighborhood flyers like this one:

He describes his mission as hijacking “unconsidered fliers and redesigning them, overpowering their message with a new visual language.” He then replaces the original with the new & improved version like so:

If THAT doesn’t make everyone look for “large black male,” I don’t know what will. So, remembering Cardon Copy’s efforts, I tried my best to make a memorable flyer:

It might be my fault that Maxx ran away. I called him a “little bitch” when he cried to get back in 30 seconds after going outside. If these flyers bring Maxx back, I promise I’ll never call him a bitch again!

Black & white & hopeful

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2011 by Cristina

This was the first image by street artist JR that I saw and it blew me away:

It’s a Brazilian woman who lives up that staircase in the Morro da Providencia favela of Rio de Janeiro and her portrait was part of a project called Women are Heroes. I’d seen her replica on the side of a building in New York and recently saw other smaller portraits on Brooklyn brownstone steps. The latter were probably neighbors participating in JR’s ongoing worldwide project, Inside Out, to submit a portrait, receive a poster in the mail and paste it in the community.

I’ve wanted to get involved for a while, and today I finally found my heroine, captured her heroics on camera and sent it off to get printed.

Just uplifting the neighborhood, two sparkling eyes at a time.

If you build it, he will come

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2011 by Cristina

Somebody turned famous movie quotes into charts and it was a good thing. I decided in 2007 to always use PowerPoint for good not evil and since then, I’ve ocassionaly created graphs to try to make more sense of my life. Today, I learned that it’s more fun to illustrate Hannibal Lecter’s rants. While I tried my best, my pea brain isn’t good at the logics so some of these may be faulty. Whatever, you’ll get the point:

Nerdiness: adding to the entertainment value of film for over 100 years.

Buy vegetables & vodka

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Because I have one more week off before I start teaching and because I have no original thoughts, I’ve decided to copy other people’s ideas for 7 days, apply them to my life and see what comes of it.

First, some candid photos by artist Mark Menjivar who travelled around the US for 3 years documenting what strangers have in their refrigerators in a project called Your Are What You Eat.

Gallery Owner | New York, New York | 1-Person Household | Is not very good at small talk.

These images offer a look into a fairly private part of strangers’ lives while prompting questions like, “Why does this gallery owner stock up on milk and cream cheese?” Also, Grolsch is pretty shitty beer; is rent so expensive that he/she can’t afford Heineken? What kind of talk IS this person good at? People are fascinating. I’ll analyze my own fridge.

Student/Teacher | Portland, Oregon | 1-Person Household | Hates karaoke and aspires to take voice lessons.

Quite boring. This is what the contents are saying to me:
Grape leaves: Who were you kidding buying me? You know you’re going to have to wait till your mom visits before you try to stuff me.
German Sauerkraut: I’ve been in here for 2 months and I bet you’re so gross that you’ll still eat me.
Home-made chicken stock: Nice attempt at domesticity, but I doubt you’ll actually follow through with soup.
Black licorice: I know you hate me and I’m only in here because there are pandas on the box.
Pineapple juice: Buy some vodka already!
Cilantro: I’m wilted, you wasted me and kids in China who don’t even like cilantro are starving.

The freezer is still full of bagels. Turns out I’m interested in other folks’ fridges more than my own. I wonder what’s in yours.