Thailand in a box

Finding myself in the most exotic place I’d ever experienced, I realized that I was more connected to modern, American city life than I’d thought. Thailand bombarded my senses with interesting little bombs that, ashamedly, I sometimes interpreted in terms of my far removed metropolitan existence. It’s embarrassing.
I actually made the following lame correlations.


Because I live too far from the ocean.


Because I’ve seen too many scary movies and have always had a sink.


Because the closest I’d gotten to lotus leaves was stock computer images.


Because it was my first time eating delicious, fresh lychee.
I thought of alcohol. Pathetic.


Because he did, they all did! It’s sad that my only previous exposure to Thai-talk was playful [albeit spot-on] impressions of engrish accents.

The only non-bullshit correlation was this one:

Because my normal life is far from this.

We all interpret the world through our previous experiences, but I just wish my previous experiences weren’t so rooted in artificiality. I suppose each travel adventure is a baby step toward tasting, breathing and seeing everything for what it actually is. From now on, lychee martinis will remind me of the long-boat guy who sold us two cans of beer and threw in a handful of the spiky fruit for free. I bet he’s never seen The Ring.


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