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Book love

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2012 by Cristina

If you have a list of books that people recommend to you, put The History of Love on there. My copy was a gift from someone whose taste I trust, so I ignored the title which sounds like some Eat Pray Love bullshit. I read most of it while in the company of other people: friends on the couch, strangers on airplanes, strangers in the park, friends in bed. All these people saw me cry the most gushing kinda tears I’ve ever cried (while reading) and probably thought I was manic. But I’m not, it’s just that good. Behold, a most excellent description of a balding man:

“The soft down of your white hair lightly playing about your scalp like a half-blown dandelion.”

And this bit perfectly sums up my general mood (and maybe yours, too):

Right?!?! Almost everything makes me well up with infinite happiness and sadness. Books, you, even bar cats that sip milk out of shot glasses:

I hope you read it, cry happysad tears and tell me what you think.