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No more anchors

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2012 by Cristina

I once dated a guy who was covered in tattoos: a caveman riding a log rocket, a Porta-Potty and ummm… other human successes. When I asked about them, he said they were just supposed to be silly. He aspired to be a comedian and our first date was an open-mic comedy show which was as funny as I was serious about our relationship (not because of the ink).  I like frivolity & I like tattoos, so I’m curious about the combination of these two things.
Pen & Ink has very interesting explorations of individual tattoos and their origins. This one says so much about the zeitgeist:

Only time will tell what effect that T-Rex will have on future sex and breastfeeding interactions. There’s something about our modern existence that’s making people my age say ‘fuck it’ and permanently ink a dinosaur below their breasts. Perhaps it’s because we have so much idle time that it’s impossible to sort out rational thoughts. We may be so bombarded with images and ideas, that the only appropriate response is BLEAAAGHHHFEOWAIOCA;EIJ (you know, in the form of a tattoo)!!! These ridiculous tattoos might be how our generation is confronting existentialism. I’ve obviously thought (too much) about this and also about getting a tattoo, which I probably won’t do because I’m an overly-critical coward… another trait of my generation. But IF I decided to get a below-the-breast motif, it’d be something along these lines:

Fuck it.