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Fire things

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2012 by Cristina

I’ve been thinking a lot about dying (this is not new) and more specifically, dying in a house fire (this is new). Not long ago, a house around the corner burned and someone died, so that made me randomly cry for a few days. That tragedy made me notice that my own home is a cozy crucible.

The smoke alarm had been serving only as a dinner bell, so I dismantled that shit. Also, I have an unreasonable number of full oil lamps (which I attribute to communist-era nostalgia), just in case the power goes out and I need spotlight-strength lighting. With these things heavy on my mind, I decided to participate in a project called The Burning House, in which people decide what they’d rescue if they had to flee from a house fire. Here’s the precious list:

  • Maxx: one-eyed oversized cat (would make it extremely difficult to carry anything else)
  • Scrooge: one-eyed dirty stuffed koala I got when I arrived in the US
  • External hard drive: my memory fails me, so I need those photos
  • Peeing boy figurine: only thing I have from my grandpa’s house
  • Childhood photos: they look like they’re from the 1800s (AKA the 80s in Romania)
  • Passport: pain in the ass to replace
  • Car keys: I’d probably wanna go on a wee road trip after
  • Silver spoon: made by a dear friend
  • Gold ring: too many ladies have worn this for too many years for it to burn

This list was surprisingly short and easy to compile. I realized that I’d actually be ok leaving it all behind, save for the cat, who would undoubtedly be trying to gouge my eyes out with his 26ish nails. I know, I’ll fix the smoke alarm.